Is the President responsible for the recent mass shootings?

Mass shooting last week had a predominant Hispanic population.

Mass shooting today is also in a predominant Hispanic population.

Can the vitriol that the President spurs, the White Nationalism that he obviously embraces, be responsible for these horrific acts?

So many people say the Nazi Germany could never happen again. We are a more humane world now. Those atrocities will never happen again.

How many Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, dark skinned people were killed before Nazism was realized to be the most sickening, destructive political regime ever to exist on this planet?

Aren’t we there yet?

Quality, not Quantity

This item is at a local eatery. I am not referencing the name of the restaurant because I don’t want to badmouth it. But I see food items like this many times from Restaurants.

In my opinion, you will never see an ad like this in Europe to bring customers to their restaurants. The believe in health conscience, locally grown and sustainable entrees.

Folks, I just came from England where I saw hardly no overweight men or women. (I won’t even go into men with great hair! I’m so jealous). American Restauranteers (not all of them) market quantity, not quality.

I’m overweight, so I’m not pointing fingers. I am part of the problem. The solution is to avoid excess like shown above even if it looks delicious. And then exercise.

The Inhumanity of Garner’s Death

I read the entire article stated above in the city journal. The definition of a chokehold and the evidence of someone choking is discussed in academic detail mostly in the comments that follow. Bravo to these intellects for their objective findings!

What was unsurprisingly missing in their discussion was the lack of humanity, compassion, consideration and or mercy of these officers as they held him down in a tight corner with most likely little ventilation or breathing air space. Garners cries was not that he could not breathe because he was still being choked, but in that confined position with at least one large officer on top of him, he was not getting the air he needed to stay alive.

This basic lack of concern or just the intenntional ignoring of Garner’s condition is criminal in itself alone.

Garner may have been guilty of illegally selling cigarettes in front of that store, but I am certain he did not deserve the death penalty.

Brunello Cucinelli – Good Man

Brunello Cucinelli came from meager means. With a $500 loan he built one the most humanistic company on the planet.

His workers are paid well. They have a 90 minute lunch that he provides, and does not allow them to work past 5:30 pm with a concern that his people might “lose their soul” if they do.

He is now a billionaire. When he told his father that, he said it is more important to be a good man.

Thank you Mr. Cucinelli(s). Your message is aspiring and needs to be followed!

Brunello Cucinelli


The Removal of the Jefferson Davis Arch at Fort Monroe.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Park

Why should a Union Fort that imprisoned the Confederate Jefferson Davis have any type of structure honoring this man whose Constitution would have kept the black race in slavery?

Does this make any sense?

And for those who say you can’t hide history, I’m not. I just don’t want evil to be honored.

It is these tributes, structures and statues that commend the Confederacy intentionly giving it some sort of reverence is what actually distorts history.

The Removal of the Jefferson Davis Arch at Fort Monroe

Christ’s Libestod

I made this video a few years ago starting on a Holy Thursday and finishing early Good Friday morning.

I felt that this particular piece of music called the Liebestod or “Love Death” best accompanied the message of Christ.
The video shows historic and Modern paintings and sketches from Christ’s life.

The video isn’t meant to sway anyone to the Christian life, that wasn’t my purpose, but to show in an artistic way the significant moments in one man’s life that taught love, compassion for others, forgiveness and hope.

If you watch, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Easter.

The Multi-Millions Donated to Notre Dame

The destruction to Notre Dame is horrendous. That this event occurred during Holy Week makes us question, “What is the motive, was it intentional?”

Already two millionaires, most likely billionaires, offered donations of $100 million each. Other worldly donations are being offered.

But if these magnificent donations can be offered so quickly, so readily, why do we have starving people on this planet? Why do we have those who are homeless?

Christ would say you need not honor me by these elaborate, expensive structures but honor me by caring for the least of my brethren: the poor, the oppressed, the ones who have lost all hope. For only then you have truly honored me.

Maybe that’s the motive. Maybe it was Jesus’s intention. Maybe it was His message to us.

Good News for the Chesapeake Bay!

Excellent article in today’s Daily Press involving the improved environmental condition of the Chesapeake Bay. Though some areas are still polluted, the Bay appears to be on the right track.

Keeping the Bay free from pollution and sustainable fishing produces more sea life, more fish to capture, creates more jobs for the greater amount of fish to process and lower prices at the market because of the volume of the product.

Respect for the environment helps our local economy and job market.

Chesapeake By Aerial

To ready the Daily Press Article on the subject, please click below:

The “Stan & Ollie” Movie

Saw the “Stan & Ollie” movie yesterday. Loved it! It is not for everyone. Most of the audience members were old geyers like me (alright, all of them). It was a loving tribute to these comedians, slow paced and sentimental (It is a BBC production).
O’Reilly and Coogan “literally” become them and you feel that some how the producers of this film “miracuously” resurrected this duo.
The true beauty of this film is the love they had for each other that lasted for the many, many years of their career. After the death of Oliver, Stan never teamed up with anyone else, but kept on writing scripts for “Laurel and Hardy.”